Claypot Daun Pisang Restaurant

Claypot Banana Leaf Fish Curry Restaurant in IPOH, Perak

Halal Food

Claypot Banana Leaf Fish Curry Restaurant with 100% Halal available in Ipoh

Claypot Fish Curry

Mouthwatering Claypot Fish Curry in IPOH, Perak

Claypot Chicken Curry

Chicken With mixed of Authentic Indian Spices Curry Recipe

Ipoh Claypot Fish Curry Restaurant

Welcome to Ipoh Claypot Fish Curry Restaurant. Serving with authentic Indian claypot fish curry. Located in Jalan Meru Bestari, Medan Meru Bestari, Bandar Meru Raya, Ipoh. Directly opposite to Mc Donlds, Ipoh Busterminal Amanjaya.

Delicious Fish Fry

Marinated with handmade masala and fried

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Spicy Chicken Masala

Chicken marinated in Special Masala and Made.

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Malaysian Breakfast

Roti canai, Roti telur, Nasi Lemak, Teh tarik and more...

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Indian Breakfast

Tosai, Idly, vadai, Idiappam and more...

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Special Dish

Out authentic claypot fish curry and claypot chicken curry will be your mouthwatering dish. With imported spices, and special recepie, our cheff can give you the best fish curry and chicken curry in Malaysia.

Claypot Fish Curry

Asian culture gradually switched from cooking in clay to metals, they have always cherished cooking their fish in clay this is partly because of a unique nutrient rich ingredient – tamarind, which is at its best only when cooked in clay.


Spicy Fried Chicken

Chicken pieces marinated with Chilli powder, Coriander poweder, Pepper, Spices, and ginger garlic paste and fried and served.